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Welcome to Spray Booth and Waste (SAW) pty ltd. Spray Booth and Waste specialise in service maintenance of Spray Booths Austrlia Wide. Offering a number of services including New Spray Booths, Second hand Spray Booths, compliancy reports and testing, spare parts, filters, cleaning, water treatment products and scheduled servcing contracts.

Spray Booth and Wastes expert technitians can attend to your spray booth no matter what brand you use. Breakdown services are offered to the Melbourne metropolitain area with a quick responce trunaround time.

Spray Booth and Waste (SAW) Pty Ltd manufacture and install TRUFLOW SPRAY BOOTHS Austrlia Wide

Industrial Spray Booths

Australia 's most capable Spray Booth Designer and Manufacturer for the large scale industry is TRUFLOW Spray Booths. Truflow's a Industrial spray booths specialist designer and manufacturer of custom spray booths and ovens. Spray Booth and Waste (SAW) Pty Ltd for over a decade have manufactured a range of spray booths and ovens for the Automotive, Aviation, Truck and Train Transport industries.

Dry Filter Spray Booths

Dry filtration spray booths avaliable in a wide range of sizes and applications. All dry filter spray booths come fuly fitted in any location, with all booths carrying the 5 Year Truflow Warranty. With a option to suit any busget. We install Australia Wide, Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Sydney, Tasmania, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth.

Automotive Spray Booths

TRUFLOW Full Downdraught Automotive Spray Booths offer the latest in Australian and European Technology. The Design and quality of product is un-matched, Backed with the longest warranty (5 Years) on the market it is the only booth on the market that can boast true reliability and focus on long term efficency. Using Direct fired GAS heating technology and direct drive motors it is a testiment to australian design and engineering. Full Downdraught Spray and Bake Ovens

Service and Maintenance

Spray Booth and Waste have a full service team dedicated to your spray booth. Replacing filter media, water treatement products, breakdowns, cleans and pumpouts as well as all waste water removal. To ensure no matter what brand of booth you have we can get your booth running and perfroming at its best.

Moving factories? - We relocate all brands of spray booths.

We service Lowbake Spray booths, Seetal Spray booths, Masterbooths, Aussie Spray Booths Ardens pan spraybooths and many more.

Custom Designed Spray Booths

TRUFLOW has established itself as Australias prestige custom spray booth manufacturer. Designed to meet your specific needs. Designed and engineered to suit any industrial painting application.

IThe experts in Spray Booth manufacturing, service and maintenace