Truflow Semi Downdraught Spray Booth Ovens

The ultimate in clean environment painting booths

100% Australian Made And designed to AS4114.1 & .2 : 2003 STANDARDS

The Truflow semi downdraft booth incorporates a front roof inlet air plenum, with standard acoustic panel bi-fold entrance doors for ease of entry. Suitable for all budgets and applications including, automotive, furnture and cabinet making.

Available in four Levels

The Stage 1 , Stage 2 , Stage 3 or Stage 4

Ideal for any painting application the Semi Downdraft Spray Booth model offers overhead mounted machinery to save floor space and is run via a fully automated electrical switchboard.

It works via fresh air entering the booth via the plenum which filters the air using Viledon F5 rated filter. Air is drawn from outside the building through ducting and once it has passed through the filters is drawn through the filtered rear wall of the booth and once filtered exhausted out.

Truflow Gas heating units can be added, allowing control heating while spaying as well as the opportunity to bake at high temperatures.

Semi downdraught spray booth

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Semi Downdraught Stage One Spray Booth