Products and Services

Spray booth and Waste supply a full range of products and services all designed to ensure your spray booths works better for longer.

Water Treatment

A complete range of water treatment is available for every water type spray booth application. All products are manufactured in house and each one is designed individually to offer optimum performance in the treatment of paint within water.

Spray Booth and Waste test the performace of the water treatment products yearly: in lab testing enviroments.

•  Aqua-Floc 600

Aqua-Floc L

•  Aqua-Floc P

Aqua-Floc BT

•  No Foam Xtra

No Foam Neat

Filter Media

All Inlet Filters carry the EU5 rating and are available in rolls or can be cut to size to suit any type of spray booth. Fibreglass exhaust filter is available in 20 metre rolls ranging from 510mm wide to 2000mm wide.

•  TRUFLOW 600G FILTER Inlet Filter Media

•  Viledon PA 560G-10 Inlet Filter Media

•  CAMFIL FARR CDM 600 Inlet Filter Media

•  P15/500s Inlet Filter Media

•  Fibreglass Strippable Exhaust Filter Media

•  Concertina Type Cardboard Filter


•  Waste Water Pump Outs & High Pressure Cleaning

•  Our experienced technicians will dismantle all internal parts, high pressure clean, remove waste sludge, reassemble & ensure your booth is running at its best. EPA documents are provided.

Relocations & Installations

Moving factory? We offer a complete Booth relocation service. From the smallest dry filter booth to complete systems. Electrical, Gas, Water & Air connections can also be incorporated.

We can help you move factory or just modify your existing spray booth to better suit your new space.

or Call us for your New Spray Booth requirements.

General Repairs

  Alterations & Repairs - From broken door hinges to rusty ductwork, SAW can provide a total service aimed at keeping your booth in good working condition

Other Services

•  Air Flow Testing

•  Particle Testing

•  Water PH level testing

•  Gas Burner Servicing

• Compliance Reports

• Oil Burner Servicing

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