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Truflow Industrial Paint Line Heating and Paint Booths

Custom Painting and Baking Systems



TRUFLOW (R) has manufacture / design and installed custom paining Systems to suit many applications all around Australia.

At Truflow Spray Booths and Finishing Systems we are focused on Manufacturing quality built

  • Large Scale Spray booths
  • Paint booths
  • open face spray booths intergrated into Larger Systems
  • Spray & Bake systems,
  • Ventilated Paint mixing rooms
  • custom built finishing systems

Working together with the Automotive , furniture and Aviation industry we have work together to design, create and Implement systems built into existing paintlines.

If you are looking for expanding your existing system, or building a complete new one Spray Booth and Waste (SAW) can help you achive your painting goals.

Truflow also buids Trufire high tempriture ovens and drying rooms.


Batch Ovens
Truflow Spray booths
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