Water Wall Spray Booths - Pumpless

Pumpless Water wall spray booths often refered to as water wash/ water cuirtain booths are designed to cope with high volume spray painting operations.

Designed and manufactured to any size for any type of application. They can be used by a manual operator spraying towards the booth or a continuous conveyer system set up fr industrial purpose.

Pumpless Water Wall Spray booths require a pump out of water and a high pressure clean every 6-12 months pending hours of operation. Please contact Spray Booth and Waste if you reuire this service.

Water treatment Products such as the SAW Spray Booth Range must be used to ensure you water PH and contaminat levels stay low and do not cause a health risk. The type of Water treatement required would be decided on type of painting products used weather this be a laquer, enamel, two pack you can use the Spray booth and waste water treatement calculator to determain the most suitable product for you.

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Industrial Water Wall Spray Booths

Combined Water Walls With Drying Rooms

Water Wash spray booths come in a range of sizes and applications to suit any high volume paint application and can be installed in cojunction with a clean room filtration systems, heating, attached drying rooms, lighting and converyor system.

High volume Painting Applications

Any painting in commercial operations requires a spray booth. If the volume of paint being applied exceeds 4 litres per hour then a water wall spray booth is suitable filtration. The spray booths operate without a pump and can be installed easily.